Digital Asset and Platform Management

Risk Management and Optimization

The complexity of digital assets and platforms range from simple CMS enabled blogs to complex SAAS web/mobile applications. StrikeValuation provides analytics and risk management for new assets, by analyzing the underlying technologies and infrastructures for the purposes of streamlining technical complexities and implementing cost-saving enhancements.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

StrikeValuation targets digital assets and platforms that require minimal operational assistance, nevertheless we focus on being pro-active rather then re-active. We create a transparent reporting process that provides succinct and relevant information of the sales and operations. Investors and businesses can focus on the aspects of the operations that are under-performing and take prescriptive steps to pivot them.

Revenue-Based Financing

For assets and platforms with traditional debt, we structure revenue-based financing, that align with the revenue generating models of the venture. Using short-term financing vehicles with high interest-rates is counter-productive to the objectives of many ventures. Revenue-based financing seeks to enhance, not strain, the monetization of the digital assets and platforms.

Stabilized Revenue Phase

Digital assets and platforms have three major phases. The first is the revenue growth phase, the second is the stabilized revenue phase, and the third is the declining revenue phase. StrikeValuation focuses on acquiring and optimizing digital assets in the stabilized revenue phase. In addition, we work with strategic partners to transition digital assets from our balance sheet in their respective phases of revenue decline.