Applying Traditional Risk-Management Strategies to New Age Assets

Dr. Gilani lecturing on traction analytics

Company Profile

StrikeValuation is a New Jersey based management company focused on the origination and management of digital assets and digital platforms. The company specializes in digital assets that have stable revenue streams but increasing operating costs. Utilizing data-science, StrikeValuation optimizes digital assets to minimize operating costs and increase profit margins. From an investment philosophy point of view, the company practices the concepts of value investing favoring stable profit margins over uncertain growth.

Dr. Wajahat Gilani, Ph.D.

Dr. Wajahat Gilani has been a buy side quantitative analyst/developer/investor for over a decade working at Investment Banks and hedge-funds, focusing on quantitative investment analytics and data-science. His dissertation was on optimal investment techniques in illiquid and incomplete markets and his current academic research focuses on using alternative data to build competitive advantages and brands. Academically, Dr. Gilani is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers Business School, where he teaches Quantitative Investment Modeling in R, Business Analytics Programming in python, and Analytics of Business Intelligence in R. Dr. Gilani also teaches an analytics class at Columbia University’s SPS Program. In 2017, Dr. Gilani was awarded with the Thomas H. Mott, Jr. Award for Excellence in Teaching.